Why Does KPCP Have Such a Great Signal?

In 2010, KPCP 88.3 FM went on the air broadcasting at the equivalent of 25,000 watts from a 500-foot tower serving citizens of the city of New Roads, Louisiana, Pointe Coupee Parish, East and West Baton Rouge Parish, East and West Feliciana Parish, Iberville Parish, St. Landry Parish, Lafayette Parish, Avoyelles, Concordia, Rapids Parish and parts of Mississippi. KPCP covers a listening area of over 200,000 people. While some stations would be satisfied with this coverage, we at KPCP 88.3 FM have plans to increase the station’s broadcasting power and find ways to expand the station’s coverage area!

Listeners who tune into KPCP 88.3 FM are a highly enthusiastic, family oriented, and loyal listenership who love those down home Blues, love to Zydeco and trailride every weekend, listen Oldies on Sunday or a family reunion, love their local sports and news, and 2 step to the sounds of Southern Soul Music! You won’t find a more culturally diverse listenership loyal to one radio station!

Listener Demographics:

Our KPCP listenership is made up of:
  • listeners are primarily between the ages of 23 and 57
  • 46% Male 54% Female
  • 8% are 12-18 Years Old
  • 18% are 19-24 Years Old
  • 33% are 25-39 Years Old
  • 35% are 40-59 Years Old
  • 6% are 60 + Years Old

Technology & Web Habits:

  • 69% of our users have broadband internet connectivity
  • 82% have purchased music downloads in the past year
  • 38% own a personal digital media device
  • 88% have wireless / cell phone service